FundedByMe och BrewDog – Join the world’s biggest round!

Crowdfundad öl är ett ämne som verkligen ligger rätt i tiden. Idag lanserar BrewDog och FundedByMe ett crowdfundingprojekt på 1,5 miljoner euro – en av deras största satsningar någonsin sedan lanseringen av FundedByMe Equity 2012. Den svenska invigningsceremonin hölls i Stockholm igår, följt av den finska lanseringen på SLUSH i Helsingfors idag, tisdagen den 10 November. Scottish Kraft Beer Brewery använder crowdfunding som kärnan i sin tillväxtstrategi gentemot de nordiska länderna.

“This is a match made in heaven – not only do we love craft beer, we also share the conviction that crowdfunding is the future! Equity crowdfunding is growing extremely fast – at a double-digit rate – and is predicted to be bigger than VC’s and business angels together, within five years. BrewDog is a forerunner, and serves as great proof that crowdfunding is so much more than just financing – it is a way of inviting people to play a vital role in the success of your business, a strategy to achieve extraordinary growth”, säger Daniel Daboczy, CEO och en av grundarna av FundedByMe.

BrewDog in the Nordics
“We love Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark, and are excited to have the potential to have so many beautiful craft beer drinkers at our next AGM” säger James Watt, som också är en av grundarna.

”‘The Holy Moose’ has persuaded our co-founders to travel to Scandinavia and invite the craft beer drinkers of the Nordic countries to become part of our successful brewery business. A film – ‘The Holy Moose’ and an accompanying beer – Hello, My Name is Holy Moose, marks our search for Scandinavian investors. We export to 55 countries worldwide and a significant portion of export sales are accounted for by Scandinavian countries. Furthermore, we have launched three bars in Sweden, one in Norway and one in Finland and more planned on the horizon. To further grow this footprint outside the UK and expand the horizons of better beer, we are seeking investment from across Scandinavia to rally more investors to join our Equity Punk ranks and reap the rewards.”Skriver FundendByMe på MyNewsdesk.

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